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Light hearted songs that do not talk down to kids and can be enjoyed equally by adults who refuse to take life too seriously.

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Recordings of original Kirby songs:

“Kirby” (© 1988)

“Michigrin” (© 1989)

“White Pine” (© 1990)

“Windows Of The Soul” (© 1992)

“Songs For Mackinac” (© 1995)

“Better Days” (© 1999)

“The Essential Kirby Collection” (© 2004)



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Kirby CDs can also be purchased at:

Horizon Books - Traverse City
Quarters - Harbor Springs
Northwoods Gallery - Atlanta
Legs Inn gift shop - Cross Village
(More outlets coming soon!)

...The best way to pick up your Kirby CDs is, of course, in person at one of his many
live performances throughout Northern Michigan...simply check the schedule by clicking here.


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